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Monterrey, Nuevo León, sheltered by the “Cerro de la Silla” (“Saddle´s Hill”) is considered one of the most prosperous cities in Mexico. Its prestige as a business city and its importance in financial matters, besides being the third largest city in the country, are some of the reasons why Monterrey is, precisely, the business capital in the north of Mexico.

Since it is a 100% cosmopolitan city, Monterrey (also known as “The North Sultaness”) has superior tourist services, the best hotels from well-known chains worldwide, with options for every budget and all kinds of needs. Its large variety of restaurants offer the most popular regional dishes, like the famous “Cabrito”, and even the most original world-class gastronomic innovations.

You can escape to a world of adventure in its amazing natural beauties; the eco-tourism of the city and its surroundings offer many variations but one constant, the beautiful landscapes and the strangest natural shapes, as well as the most exuberant environments, surrounded by different ecosystems, which make the place unique. One of them, the “Matacanes Canyon”, is considered one of the five most impressive in the world.

Its top-level airport infrastructure is one of the aspects which makes Monterrey a great destination, besides being considered the safest city in Latin America, according to Mercer Human Resource; one of the reasons Monterrey has been the venue of important world class events for the United Nations and the Organization of American States, as well as renowned international sporting events.

Its culture, history and architecture give a legendary touch to the city. With its wide variety of museums, parks and monumental buildings, like the Cathedral, aswell as the diversity of activities it offers, Monterrey is a true macro destination.


Avenida Alfonso Reyes No. 1211 Norte - C.P. 64490 - Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
Tel: (81) 8125-1300 - Toll free in México: (01-800) 833-8200 - Toll free USA y Canada: (1-877) 867 8295 - Fax: (81) 8372-5077
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